Call for abstracts for the 21st Congress of the Nordic Federation of Midwives

The 21st Congress of the Nordic Federation of Midwives in Reykjavik Iceland, 2-4 May 2019: Call for abstracts is now open and submissions are welcome for:
- Oral presentation
- Poster presentation
- Symposia
- Workshop
Abstracts can be submitted under the headings of:
- Clinical practice
- Education
- Theory development
- Power and politics in midwifery
- Leadership in midwifery

Read more about submission of abstracts: 

Read more about the congress: 

8.30-16.00 27. februar 2018

Akershus universitetssykehus, store auditorium

10.00-18.00 5. mars 2018

Kåre Norum auditorium, Oslo Cancer Cluster innovasjonpark Ullernchausseen 66 Inngang 2B, 0310 Oslo

12.00 5. mars - 12.00 7. mars 2018

Storefjell Resort Hotel, Gol

9.00-15.00 4. april 2018

Scandic Bystranda, Kristiansand

8.00-15.40 18. april 2018

Oslo Kongressenter, sal A

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